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For over 60 years Brugi has been the leading supplier of sportswear on the European market. This brief
profile will allow you to get to know the Brugi group, which continues to be synonymous of expertise in
production, distribution and marketing.

The credibility of the group is proven through valid products and
efficient services, which satisfy market demand and give the public the possibility to always choose quality
products. For this reason, more and more retailers find our products a safe reference for their business.

The Headquarters have a surface area of 50.000 square meters.

A branch is located in China to manage supply and production. The company recently and successfully started
a program of affiliations and franchising, thanks to which we now already distribute to over 173 stores
nationwide. The actual production is composed of four product areas, with a total of more than 4.000.000

Brugi milestones:

1956: The Brutti family begins producing sportswear.
1979: Becomes a joint stock company.
1988: Start of production in the far-east.
2000: Establishment of Brugi Qingdao Trading Company,
which follows the processes of sourcing, production and
distribution on the Chinese market.
2014: New shops opening policy as began

Brugi milestones:


Brugi produces “pure substance” multifunctional sport apparel, which is perfect for all year round use. Expertly blending style and comfort as well as functionality and wellness, these garments are characteri- zed by an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

A point of excellence for a company that focuses each and every activity on the person and on the daily use of the clothes, including carefully choosing the fabrics, constantly monitoring the productive procedures and continued improvement to Research and Develop- ment policies.

The excellent quality/price ratio has been due to the ability to delocalise, since 1988, the productive sources in Asia with strict controls on quality, as well as solid and durable relationships with selected suppliers.


The company works with four different brands: Brugi, AST, Astrolabio and Nordsen. Four different souls with specific lifestyles and functions that reflect a global mission and spirit founded on the concrete value of the product.


For the sport and free time of the whole family, this brand offers a wide range of garments for men, women and kids. Brugi satisfies the basic needs of fit and comfort, with easy to wear clothing and an excellent quality/price ratio.


Tech-sport brand characterized by the maximum functionality of use. Active garments that exalt the characteristics of thermal insulation, breathability and attention to detail, so as to live the sport, while at the same time uniting performance and comfort.


An easy-urban-wear brand that offers a range of garments ideal for who desires to feel comfortable without renouncing style.


A benchmark for people who look for substance and technical essence in outdoor apparel. Nordsen has a strong high-tech component inspired by the demand for functional and “protective” performance.



Brugi has always believed in giving value and formation to its own human resources as a strategic means
of growth. This is why every action – from the product area to the product control, to the internal and
external commercial branch – happens with “team building” in mind.


Brugi is present in several countries of the European
Union and East Europe with an export quota of over
25% of the annual turnover. The group has been able
to develop, over time, a great flexibility as a response
to the evolution and diverse demands of the market
and the distribution channels, from large retailers
and traditional wholesalers to qualified stores and
private label ventures with prestigious brands.



Brugi exposes at the main trade exhibition of the sporting goods industry.


RUGI contributes to the respect of the environment by using solar energy plant for electricity production.
The plants produced to date 9.838.868 KWh of electric energy. This renewable source has avoided the
consumption of 1.840 oil tons and the immission in atmosphere of 48.800 quintals of CO2.


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